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Are Amalgam Filling Safe? | Manhattan Beach Dentist

There has been a longstanding discussion in the dental world over the effects of amalgam fillings. Silver fillings have been used for years to replace holes made by cavities or other tooth related injuries. The controversy surrounding amalgam fillings have to do with the mercury laced filling that they are actually composed of.

In a survey taken by dental professionals, a whopping 72% of individuals had no idea that silver filling contain mercury. Of that percentage of individuals, 92% of...Read More

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Natural-Colored Fillings are a Healthier Solution | El Cajon Dentist

Studies show that natural-colored fillings are a much healthier option compared to metal restorations. Some metal restorations have traces of Mercury, which can be highly toxic to the body. On the other hand, natural-colored fillings are made of ceramic composites that are durable and long-lasting.

Natural-colored fillings are designed to look like your natural teeth. Patients no longer have to feel self-conscious about noticeable restorations because they can now...Read More

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El Cajon Dentist | Natural Colored Fillings are the Solution!

Dr. Hunter encourages his patients to avoid receiving metal restorations and receive natural colored fillings. Patients agree that metal fillings are unfavorable because of their unappealing appearance. Instead, patients are raving about natural colored fillings provided by Dr. Hunter. Dr. Hunter guarantees that natural colored fillings match the shade of your teeth that allow them to be visible unnoticeable. Compare to metal fillings, natural colored...Read More