07th Jul, 2014

El Cajon Cosmetic Dentist | What to Avoid after Teeth Whitening

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Maintaining your white smile after a professional teeth whitening procedure can be extremely difficult. For this reason, Dr. Hunter of El Cajon lists the following foods and beverages that should be avoided in order for your teeth to remain white and bright:

  • Wine- Dr. Hunter highly encourages patients to stay away from white and red wine after a teeth whitening procedure. Wines contain staining agents that put your white smile at risk of discoloration.
  • Tea- According to professionals, teas can stain more than black coffee. For this reason, Dr. Hunter recommends avoiding teas after receiving a teeth whitening procedure.
  • Sodas and Sports Drinks- Sodas and sports drinks are high in sugars and acidity, which causes the tooth enamel to discolor. Frequent consumption of these drinks can also wear away the tooth enamel, causing teeth to become weak.
  • Candies- Candies and any type of chewing gum can get stuck between teeth, causing the buildup of bacteria and plaque. Plaque and bacteria can not only lead to yellow, discolored teeth, but dental problems such as gum disease.

Avoid putting your smile at risk of discoloration and contact Dr. Hunter of El Cajon, CA for more information about teeth whitening. For a reliable cosmetic dentist, trust Dr. Hunter and his years of expertise.

For more information about professional teeth whitening procedures call Dr. Hunter in El Cajon, CA at 619-444-6157 or visit www.www.andrewhunterdds.com.

Dr. Hunter of El Cajon, CA also proudly accepts patients from Santee, La Mesa, Spring Valley, Rancho San Diego, Granite Hills, and surrounding areas.

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