12th Jan, 2015

How Coffee Can Save Your Teeth | El Cajon Dentist

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As far as most Americans know or believe, coffee has always been a big no for dental health. However, according to research done by Boston University, drinking coffee can help protect your teeth from periodontal disease, or the inflammation of your gums and jawbone.

After studying more than 1,000 men for up to 30 years, the researchers found that those who drank one or more cups of coffee each day had fewer teeth with bone loss. The researchers also found no evidence that even moderate of heavy coffee drinking was associated with any other markers of periodontal damage, such as bleeding of the gums or development of bacteria-collecting pockets around the teeth.

Other research includes a atudy don by Scientists a Rio de Janeiro’s Federal university, in whom tested extracted baby teeth with an extract from coffea canephora, a type of bean that makes up 30 percent of the world’s coffee.  Researchers were then able to link polyphenol antioxidants in the coffee to the broken down bacteria.

Whatever the case, Coffee has an infamous reputation for being bad for your oral health, proving to stain teeth and cause bad breath particles, however when you take a look at the internal benefits that it poses, coffee offers individuals some preventative benefits that may be worth taking in the long run.

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