13th Oct, 2014

Make Your Teeth Beautiful, Choose Veneers | El Cajon Dentist


Does your smile struggle with cosmetic issues? Individuals with chipped, stained, misaligned, or worn down teeth are always looking for a way to mask their teeth. If you’re looking to gain a beautiful smile, look no further. Here at Dr. Andrew Hunter’s office, we offer Veneers!

Veneers are porcelain shells that are bonded to the front of the teeth to cover any cosmetic issues. Veneers can be fabricated by a dental technician in a dental laboratory. While Porcelain is somewhat of a brittle material, when firmly bonded to the tooth, it can become very strong and durable.

A typical procedure for veneers consists of the dentist removing a small amount of the tooth surface to permit placement of the veneer. An imprint is taken of the tooth and sent to a lab. After the veneer is made, it is bonded to the tooth with resin cement.

For more information on veneers and if the cosmetic procedure is right for you call Dr. Hunter in El Cajon, CA or visit www.www.andrewhunterdds.com.

Dr. Hunter also proudly serves El Cajon, Santee, La Mesa, Spring Valley, Rancho San Diego, Granite Hills, and surrounding areas.

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